Baroness Disa i Birkilundi
Baron Alasdair Mac Roibeirt


We would like to thank the Populous of Glymm Mere and the Canton of Caladphort for the support they have shown us. It has been an unexpectedly eventful summer for all of us and the continued sense of community that we have drawn from each other is an inspiration and a reminder of the most important part of the SCA. The fighting is spectacular to watch, the arts are breathtaking to behold, but it’s the people that keep us all coming back. Friendships and memories made have always served to help us weather the times between events, and continue to do so. Though we meet in a digital world now, the community still exists, still grows, and still supports our shared love for the dream that the SCA represents. As we step into our roles as Baroness and Baron of Glymm Mere we encourage you all to reach out to us, and to each other. Continue to share and learn with each other as well as welcome in those people new to the SCA and new to us. When this storm passes and we are again free to meet in these current middle ages we will do so as a community, strengthened by our shared trials and eager to show the Kingdom of An Tir, the greatness that is The Barony of Glymm Mere.

Yours in Service,

Disa i Birkilundi and Alasdair Mac Roibeirt

10th Baroness and Baron of Glymm Mere

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