Vocal & Instrumental Music

HL Serena Zane, Courtier of Glymm Mere

Bards and minstrels of the SCA perform a wide variety of music from the Middle Ages, from sprightly Renaissance dancing tunes to beautiful, medieval choral works and everything in between. Our performers also write and perform a great deal of original music composed in the spirit of the Middle Ages, ranging from marching anthems for their kingdoms to bardic ballads about beloved figures. The voice has been used in performance for thousands of years and many of the instruments that we still play today have their roots in the medieval ensemble. It is not uncommon to hear the strings of a guitar or the lilt of a recorder around any given campfire.

Here in Glymm Mere (when able) we gather together at the lovely home of Mistress Elizabeth Piper & Dame Eleanor Eccleshall on Sundays to sing, practice music for court, and play dance music in preparation of events.

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Storytelling and Oration

The concept of the storyteller held a prominent role in both the entertainment and the education of people in the Middle Ages. The bards and skalds of old were the keepers of their cultures’ histories and legends. In the SCA, many performers dedicate themselves to collecting the tales of both the historical Middle Ages and the Current Middle Ages and recounting them over feast and campfire. Whether through prose or verse, you can always find a bard willing to share a bit of Beowulf or tell a tale from the latest war.


Dance is one of the most popular pastimes in the Society. We are fortunate to have documents from the Middle Ages that not only give us the music for the popular songs of the day but also steps to dance to them! The dances that we recreate have a wide variety of styles and levels of difficulty, ranging from simple circle dances with only a few steps, to rhythmic dances from the Middle East, to complex Italian dances with dozens of steps. Don’t worry if you have two left feet, a lot of these dances are easier than the Hokey Pokey!

Dancing is taught at dance practices (held by some local groups) or at SCA events, and grand balls are held where you can learn new steps and dance the night away!

Even More Performing Arts

Many other performing arts from the Middle Ages can be found in the Society, from juggling and magic to theater and Commedia dell’Arte! You can be a medieval star in the Society!

If you are interested in learning more about the bardic arts, contact our local A&S Minister and they will point you in the right direction to start your bardic journey.

Email: GlymmMere.Artsnsci@antir.org

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