Calligraphy and Illumination

Some of the most evocative artifacts that have survived from the Middle Ages are beautifully crafted scrolls, books, and manuscripts. Scribes in the Society maintain this art through calligraphy, the writing styles of the medieval and Renaissance world, and illumination, the practice of painting and inking artwork alongside the writing.

The scribal arts are a common facet of Society life, since most awards and honors given to recognize service and skill are accompanied by handcrafted scrolls which document and celebrate the honor. Scribes also use these artistic techniques to memorialize the history of our Society, to beautify documents and manuscripts for Society use, and more!

Here in Glymm Mere, we take pride in the beautiful scrolls, documents, and art that have been created by out populace. If you are interested in either contributing, or learning either of these amazing skills, we have those with whom to connect. Please feel free to contact our Scribal Officer Lady Lucrezia De Alanis at:

Here are some helpful links to get you started:

Calligraphy styles & examples – Click here

Learn Secretary Hand from 16th Century England Click Here

Learn Blackletter Script – Click here

There are many other types of script from Oriental thru Roman. You will find some of them listed in the 1st link. Do some research, look around, find what you like, then dive in.

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