The Beevairians is the name given to the group of heavy fighters who come together to represent the barony of Glymm Mere in times of War. The sitting Baron of Glymm Mere has the responsibility of leading this contingent of brave warriors on the battlefield. The Beevarians are usually mustered into action at least two or three times per year, as the need arises.

The Beevarians at Honey War

Those who would call themselves Beevairians are charged with but one responsibility: to make themselves available at one war per year to fight, alongside their Beevarian brethren, against the declared enemies of faire Glymm Mere.

Beevairian Roster

Serena ZaneHeavy, RapierAutumn War 2012
Romel of Glymm MereHeavyHoney War 2019
Unar KolbjornsonRapierHoney War 2019

Retired Beevairians

William DrakeRapierMayfaire 2010 – July 2020
Kolbjorn GunnisonHeavy, RapierHoney War 1997 – Honey War 2017
Wolfgang von BremenRapierHoney War 1998
Dunchad of DonegalRapierNorse Winter Nights 2008
Mieczyslaw CzarneckiRapierHoney War 2010
Klus Hebenstraub der HessRapierHoney War 2011
Duihhlinn MacFaolanHeavyAutumn War 2011
Leon de La CruzRapierHoney War 2012
William Morgan RhysRapierHoney War 2012
Karl von MiltenbergRapierAutumn War 2012
Amelia BennetCombat ArcherHoney War 2013
Padriag Mac AilpeinHeavyHoney War 2013
Osanna UnderHillRapierHoney War 2013
Ciaran WallaceRapierHoney War 2013