Device of Baroness Disa i Birkilundi

Disa i Birkilundi

Persona: 10th Century Birka, Sweden

Favorite Colors: Purple, Green

Heraldry: Per pale and per chevron argent and purpure, three birch leaves inverted counterchanged.

Food Likes: Cheese, Fruits and Veggies, Dried Meats, Bread

Food Dislikes: Nothing too spicy

Drink Preferences: Sweet tea, alcoholic drinks are fine

Allergies: Walnuts, Eggplant, Soy, Wine, Sulfates

Device of Baron Alasdair Mac Roibeirt

Alasdair Mac Roibeirt

Persona: 14th Century Scottish

Favorite Colors: Green and White

Heraldry: Per bend sinister argent and vert, a triquetra and a bordure embattled counterchanged.

Food Likes: Chocolate, Bread, Meat and Cheese

Food Dislikes: Eggs, Tomatoes, Hummus, Beans and Fish

Drink Preferences: Sweet Tea, Pepsi, alcoholic drinks are ok but is a light drinker

Allergies: None