“What is the Caladphort Project?”

We’ve gotten that question a lot, the short answer is, we are a group of SCA members in Grays Harbor County trying to create an incipient canton in the glorious Barony of Glymm Mere.

We are individuals deeply involved with the SCA and our Barony, some even holding baronial offices. There is a great sense of community within Glymm Mere and we would like your support in opening that community to this region.

“Why not just form a household?”

You may be asking yourselves. Households are amazing, many of us belong to households already but we aren’t just looking for friends to camp with at events, we are looking to bring an introduction to the SCA to a remote area of the barony.

The largest city in Grays Harbor county is approximately fifty miles from Olympia, that’s at least fifty miles from the vast majority of any non-event activities. That’s a long way for a lot of people, particularly people coming from an economically depressed area. We believe that geography should not stop people from knowing what the SCA is, what we do, and being a part of it. We want to make it accessible locally in an area where there has been a great deal of interest shown.

“What are you doing?”

This is another common question we get.  We are doing a lot. We are holding demos, holding weekly rapier practices and having monthly arts and sciences meet ups (for which we are always looking for more people who would like to come out and share their knowledge on whatever art or science they are passionate about).  We also have dance practices and are in the process of organizing monthly “newcomers’ meetings,” as well as many other activities which we make sure to report so that they can be added to the Glymm Mere calendar. Make sure to keep an eye out, we’ve got plans for more.

We’d love it if you’d come join us and see what we’re doing in person.​

Officers for Canton of Caladphort

(Gray’s Harbor County, Washington)

Seneschal: Lady Tamsin l’Argente caladphort.seneschal@gmail.com
Exchequer: M’Lord Eric Morgan caladphort.exchequer@gmail.com
Herald: Master Erik Loren Elcara caladphort.herald@gmail.com
Arts & Sciences: Lady Catrine le Crosetiere caladphort.Arts&sciences@gmail.com