Officers of Glymm Mere

Her Excellency, Disa i Birkilundi, Baroness
His Excellency, Alasdair Mac Roibeirt, Baron

HL Tamsyn L’Argent

Deputy: Lord Paulus Quintilius Barbatus
Responsible for the administrative operation of and is the legal representative of the SCA to the barony.

HL Isabella de Walingeford

Deputy: Open
The Treasurer of the Barony, manages all things financial. Along with the Seneschal, helps steer the group down the path of good financial health.

Arts and Science
HL Wolfegar von Rothenburg

Events Deputy: Open
Encourages the research and development of historically accurate arts & sciences, including research papers, by facilitating networking and by promoting and supporting Barony arts & sciences events.


HL Melissa of Dalmatia

Deputy: HL Natasha Orionova
Ensures that the Populace is made aware of the news happening within the Barony that may affect various aspects of their play.
Court CoordinatorHL Laeriel Fayrehale

Deputy: Open

Games Mistress
Bardic CoordinatorMistress Elisabeth Piper

HL Volk the Grey

Deputy: Open
Introduces the Current Middle Ages to new or prospective members; advises newcomers of the conventions of the Society, their Kingdom and branch; and encourages participation in the group.

Gold Key
HL Jane Eagle

Deputy: Open
Maintains the collection of loaner garb and makes it available at events to attendees needing garb.

HL Patricia neyn Andrew

Deputy: Open
 Fosters the scribal arts by cultivating scribes’ talents and designing scrolls for award recipients.

Family Activities Coordinator
Lady Cyndy of Glymm Mere

Deputy: Open
Coordinates activities for youth and families at events and throughout the year.

Lark of Glymm Mere

Deputy: Open
Maintains an inventory of the Baronial regalia and other property, checking items in and out of the storage unit when they are used at events. Reports the inventory to the Exchequer once a year. 

Web Minister
Lark of Glymm Mere

Deputy: Open
Maintains the Barony website and official communications systems to keep them up to date and in compliance with the standards of the SCA and the Kingdom of An Tir.
Social Media OfficerOpenManages Baronial presence and content on social media platforms.

Officers of the Martial Arts


Master of Stables
Lord Valentine L’Argent

Deputy: Open

Armored Combat Marshal
Sir Seumas mac Brehon

Deputy: Open

Minister of Lists
Master Eric Loren Elcara

Deputy: Open

Provost of Fence

Cut and Thrust Marshal

Equestrian Marshal

Chief Archer

Thrown Weapons

Youth Combat